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Wallboard & Drywall

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    Classic Drywall Knife

    After 75 years, Stanley's fixed-blade No. 199 utility knife is still one of the most popular drywall knives out there

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    Framing a Basement Ceiling

    Forum members debate various methods for framing a flat ceiling to accept drywall in a finished basement

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    RotoZip RotoSaw

    This tool didn't last any longer than the author's other drywall routers, but its excellent warranty helped make up for it

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    Plaster Repair Strategies (Subscriber content)

    Minimize demolition by patching cracks, resurfacing with fabric, or adding a layer of drywall

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    Not Just for Drywall

    The Jab Saw can handle several materials, from metal to PVC

  • Florida County Counts 1,900 Chinese Drywall Houses

    Lee County, Florida has 1,900 Chinese drywall-tainted houses on its tax rolls (officially). The true number is uncertain.

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    Second Look (Subscriber content)

    A year after it was reviewed in JLC, how is the Hilti Autofeed Drywall Screw Magazine holding up?

  • Patching Plaster

    Use setting compound and drywall patches to quickly repair holes in plaster

  • Fixing Chinese Drywall: A Tampa Builder Hits Top Gear

    Carelessness helped create Florida’s Chinese drywall disaster. Cleaning it up is a job for a very careful builder.

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    Easier Coved Ceilings (Subscriber content)

    Prefab parts and flexible drywall simplify the installation of this classic detail