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  • 1104kb-01eps

    Kitchen & Bath

    Range hoods; laundry rooms

  • 0904kb-page125

    Kitchen & Bath

    Shower spas; microwave ovens

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Pro-style gas ranges; vanities

  • Delta Faucets

    Retrofitting a Multihead Shower

    Retrofitting a multihead shower; shower enclosures; refrigerators

  • 0304KB-01

    High-Tech Countertop Templating

    High-tech countertop templating; jetted tubs; undercounter appliances

  • 0104DA19

    Clever Storage for Kitchen and Bath

    Rethinking standard cabinet configurations allows you to make use of space that would otherwise go to waste. The owner of a high-end remodeling company provides several examples.

  • 1103kb-02

    Kitchen & Bath

    Towel warmers, range hoods

  • New Products from the Kitchen & Bath Show

    Dazzle clients with your understanding of this year's crop of bigger, smarter, hotter, and cooler kitchen appliances.

  • 0903K&B100jlc

    Kitchen & Bath

    Cooktops and bath fixtures

  • Image

    Kitchens That Cook

    That's the kind of test only a chef could come up with; someone who knows his way around a kitchen and, presumably, how to set up a kitchen to make it cook. The results are inconclusive, but Pulte-Las Vegas is hoping that Mauler's star appeal and expertise will lead to a better kitchen -- one for...