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Cabinets & Casework

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    Custom Vent-Hood Cover (Subscriber content)

    A rectangular base supports the fan and a sloping cap conceals the ductwork

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    Magic Corner II

    This corner cabinet storage system contains front and rear shelf pairs

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    Troubleshooting a Kitchen Remodel (Subscriber content)

    Twists and turns in a complex kitchen installation call for constant problem-solving and a little luck

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    Space Saver

    The SmartCab pull-out cabinet organizer fits 15-inch and 18-inch base cabinets located beneath a drawer

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    Furniture Features: Plain & Fancy Spa Hutch

    Standalone cabinetry with furniture styling underscores an elegant spa bathroom look.

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    Custom on a Budget: Canyon Creek Katana Frameless Cabinetry

    Value engineered to maximize quality and minimize price, Katana is a more affordable frameless cabinetry option.

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    Step Out of Frame: Frameless Cabinets

    A new value-priced line of frameless cabinetry brings a popular trend to a more affordable pricepoint.

  • Recycling Center in a Kitchen Cabinet Drawer

    Blum’s two new waste/recycle drawer sets fit 15-, 18-, and 21-inch base cabinets.

  • Remodeling for Accessibility (Subscriber content)

    Recently my Chicago-based construction company renovated a second-floor apartment in a 19-story building to make it more user-friendly for disabled and elderly residents.

  • Expanding a Kitchen

    We were wrapping up the latest in a series of renovation projects on a suburban Maryland split-level home when I casually mentioned to the owner that her Thanksgiving family gatherings would be a lot more enjoyable if her small kitchen weren't separated from the dining and living areas by a wall.