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    Tile Backsplash Tips

    If your clients are like me, they're not looking for any extra places to clean. So why suggest that they install a 3- or 4-inch-tall backsplash on their kitchen countertop?

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    New Products for Kitchen and Bath

    What we found while tromping the aisles of K/BIS 2005.

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    Kitchen & Bath

    Resilient flooring; stone countertops

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    Kitchen & Bath

    Solid surfacing; bathroom ventilation

  • Securing Dishwashers To Stone Counters

    I've been unsuccessful in finding a permanent method of securing dishwashers to the underside of stone countertops. I've tried using construction adhesive and epoxy to secure the small metal tabs, but with no long-term success. One countertop installer sa

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    Kitchen & Bath

    Toilets; countertop edge treatments

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    Installing Stone Counters

    Stone counters require meticulously planned cabinetry and sturdy support. A stone contractor tells what you need to know.

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    Adding a Second Water Heater

    Adding a second water heater; laminate flooring

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    Cast-In-Place Concrete Counters

    Forming concrete counters on-site requires careful preparation and perfect timing. A third-generation concrete contractor shares his secrets for getting the job done right.

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    Kitchen & Bath

    Keeping up with tile standards; simple mosaics; laminates; decorative hardware