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    Solar Light

    Shed light anywhere on a property — without wiring — with Larson Electronics’ solar-powered Magnalight SPLED-5 exterior fixture.

  • Performance LED Lamps - Require 10 Percent of the Energy

    Feit Electric’s Performance LED lamps come in many sizes and require only 10 percent of the energy needed by comparable incandescents, says the maker.

  • This 2'-by-2' recessed Careena LED fixture from Zumtobel features MPO technology, which uses white and red LEDs to achieve medium color temperature (3,600 K) with maximum efficiency. With controlled light distribution at higher angles to light vertical surfaces throughout a space, Careenas soft-edged light distribution and glare control are well-suited to office applications. Its housing is made of clear anodized aluminum extrusion with a silver finish. It delivers 3,000 lumens, has integral dimming, and is compatible with DALI. The fixture features a multilayered, seamless, micropyramidal structure optic, is UL-listed for damp locations, and weighs 20 pounds. Its driver uses universal 120V/277V.

    Zumtobel Careena

    A recessed fixture which uses red and white LEDs to achiece a medium color temperature.

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    Husky Tripod Lamp

    Many work lights are directional, but Husky's 360-degree light on a tripod will illuminate an entire room.

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    DeWalt DC020 Portable Work Light

    DeWalt's DC020 is a portable 38-watt fluorescent work light that runs on the company's 12- to 18-volt cordless tool batteries or line voltage.

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    Are LEDs Okay in Closets?

    A client wants to install LED light fixtures in his closets, but my local code inspector is hesitant to approve them. It seems to me that an LED fixture poses no more of a fire risk than a fluorescent light. What does the code say?

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    Framing tip; trigger-happy carpenters; defense of recessed lights; broken compact fluorescents; more

  • Mastering Sidelight, Part Two

    An in-depth discussion of how to design for an equally valuable interrelated resource—view.

  • Terminology

    Daylight Dialect: Building a common daylight language will dramatically facilitate the necessary dialogue between architect, lighting designer, client, and contractor.

  • On The Circuit Boards

    It's taken until the last decade for LEDs to develop to the point where architects can exploit their technological and aesthetic advantages at a large scale.

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    Photography For Contractors

    Get publication-quality photos with a digital camera and expert lighting techniques.

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    Fencing; soundproofing; lighting

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    Surface protection; mold fighters; accessibility; efficient lighting

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    Kitchen & Bath

    Flooring options; lighting

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    Soundings: Landscape Lighting for the Coast

    Landscape Lighting for the Coast

  • 0604za-04

    Landscape Lighting - Continued

    Retrofitting a multihead shower; shower enclosures; refrigerators

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    Kitchen & Bath

    Bath fittings; lighting

  • Progress Lighting

    Kitchen & Bath: Kitchen Lighting Options

    Kitchen lighting options

  • By Design: Lighting a remodeled galley kitchen

    Lighting a remodeled galley kitchen

  • Connecting to the Future

    Home wiring no longer means just phone and electric. From simple lighting controllers to whole-house integrated systems for data, security, and entertainment, the residential automation market is exploding with options.