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Low Voltage

  • Eight-Penny News

    U.S. Gypsum removes barrier EIFS from market, Big Apple plagued by exploding toilets, electrocution by crane, low-odor paints

  • Q&A: Vapor-Retarder Paints

    Q: Do "vapor-retarder paints" really work? Can I rely on them as the sole vapor barrier in an old house? If so, can you recommend some brand names?

  • For What It's Worth

  • Painting Lessons

    Case studies teach how to steer clear of exterior paint failures.

  • Coping With Low-VOC Paints

    Paint manufacturers are changing their formulations to meet new solvent regs in metro areas. A painting contractor reports on how the controversial new paints are affecting job quality and profitability.

  • Miscellany

JLC Field Guide to Decking