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  • Q&A: Receptacles on Ungrounded Electrical Circuits

    Q: My questions have to do with existing ungrounded circuits in older homes. My understanding is that you should always replace worn-out two-slot receptacles with new two-slot receptacles (although they’re not always easy to find). However, I’ve also been told that in some locales you can install a...

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    Q&A: Finding Buried Outlets

    Q: What’s the best way to locate an electrical box that was covered over when the drywall was installed?

  • Kitchen and Bath: Upgrading Kitchen Wiring

    Estimating electrical work

  • Q&A: Grounding Steel Studs

    Q: Are there any special requirements for electrical grounding when using metal studs?

  • Q&A: Sealing Fire-Stop Penetrations

    Q: When we build homes, we drill numerous holes through wall plates and subfloor assemblies for wiring, plumbing, and hvac ducts. Are there any code requirements for sealing the gaps around these penetrations?

  • Temporary Site Lighting

    It’s hard to do good work in the dark. Here’s an overview of products to light up the job site, from hand-held and string lights to powerful stanchion lights.

  • Common Electrical Inspection Failures

    The last thing a gerneral contractor needs is to have a job put on hold because of a failed electrical inspection. A master electrician shows how to identify the trouble spots before the inspector does.

  • Q&A: Push-In Connections on Receptacles

    Q: Many of the receptacles I use have push-in connectors on the back. Does a push-in connection perform as well as the side-mounted screw terminal connection?

  • Focus on Energy: Mechanical Room Ventilation

    Venting mechanical rooms

  • Installing Sprinkler Systems

    In the U.S., a residential fire starts every 68 seconds. To prevent loss of life, some municipalities are beginning to require sprinklers in new homes. Here’s what you need to know before you design and install a working system.

  • Eight-Penny News

    Dealing with aluminum wiring, job-site recycling update, builders fight proposed fire sprinkler ordinances

  • Eight-Penny News

    Pier foundation failure, EIFS hides moisture problems, electrical code changes, termites versus foam

  • Letters

    Safe wiring practice, EPA defends radon policy

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    Q&A: Tracing 3-Wire Circuits

    Q: In many of the houses we work in, we are asked to evaluate the electrical system. We sometimes find 10/3 wire used on 110-volt circuits with 15- and 20-amp breakers in the panel. The installer has used the red and the black wire for separate circuits. Is this an acceptable installation or does...

  • Foolproof Surge Protection

    This surge protection system, developed by a master electrician, protects submersible pumps and electronic appliances in heavy lightning areas.

  • The Electrical Panel

    In this guided tour of a distribution panel, a master electrician tells how to make sure an electrical system is wired safely and correctly grounded.

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  • Letters

  • Letters

  • Bringing the Bathroom Up to Code

    The bathroom is the most regulated room in the house. A contractor discusses the accessibility, safety, energy, and structural requirements you must comply with.