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  • Trade Talk: Switching Lights With X10 Controllers

    Switching lights with X10 controllers

  • Image

    Designing Balanced Lighting

    A lighting designer explains why most rooms require light from a variety of sources — ambient, task, and accent.

  • Kitchen & Bath: User-Friendly Kitchens

    Kitchens designed for everybody

  • Tool Test: Jigsaws

    Toolless blade clamps and smooth, vibration-free cutting make these tools easier than ever to use.

  • Tool Test: Plate Joiners

    Biscuit joiners are useful for making tight, flush miters, attaching windowsills and jamb extensions, and building cabinets on site. This hands-on comparison will help you choose the one that’s right for you.

  • Lighting Basics

    Tips and techniques for effective residential lighting, by two leading architects.

  • Photo-What?

    An installer/consultant situated in southern Vermont, Gottlieb describes the typical home photovoltaic system, and the most efficient ways to use the electricity it produces.