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New Rule for Table Saws

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission seeks to enforce safety requirements... More

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How Not to Use a Framing Nailer

You may find some humor in at least one of these two stories. The other will make... More

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McMansion Hell Hit by Zillow Copyright Claim

Good luck with that, Zillow. More

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Should I Have an Arbitration Clause in Construction Contracts?

Although it is typical for contracts to contain arbitration clauses, it may not be... More

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TTS Tooltechnic Systems Buys SawStop

Festool's parent company has acquired SawStop. More

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Foundational Flaws
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Tool Safety Survey

What's practical and what's not? Take this anonymous survey to tell us how it... More

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Is Reefer Use a Fireable Offense?

Some employers are trying to peer through a cloud of uncertainty as marijuana goes... More

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Teaming Up for Safety
JLC Field Guide
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