The Rhode Island Supreme Court found that a house in Narragansett valued at $1.8 million was built on park land owned by the Rose Nulman Park Foundation. Judge Brian Stern has ordered the house be demolished or removed.

According to the Associated Press ("Court: $1.8M house built on park must be removed," 6/17/14), the developer, Four Twenty Corp., began building the home in 2009, but didn't discover the error until 2011 when it tried to sell the house, and prospective buyers had the property surveyed. The developer tried to work out a deal with park trustees, but was told flat-out that the land's not for sale.

Independent RI reports that the developer wants to move the house to its intended lot, but doing so puts it closer to a coastal wetland. The move requires approval of the Rhode Island state Coastal Resources Management Council (see "Builder wants to move house built on Nulman park," 6/18/14). Whether or not the house must be demolished all comes down to timing: A judge has yet to decide how much time the developer has to remove the house. A lawyer for the Nulman foundation states firmly that it's time for the house to go, but right now more time is needed to secure a final permit from the CRMC.