“The mayor, council and Sandy-flooded residents in Ocean County's Point Pleasant Borough are objecting to sections of a FEMA advisory map that puts them in a ‘V Zone’ that calls for more stringent building requirements and higher flood insurance rates,” the Ocean City Patch.com website reports (“Point Boro Fights FEMA Flood Map,” by Denise Di Stephan). “Mayor William Schroeder and council members told a room of about 100 people, most of whom have homes flooded by Sandy, at Tuesday night's meeting, that they are fighting the designation of sections of Sunshine Harbor, Bay Head Shores, which is on Barnegat Bay, and a few other sections of town as being in the ‘V Zone.’”

The complex shapes of the FEMA flood zone map (see link: Advisory Base Flood Elevation Map) baffled some residents at the meeting, Patch.com reports. Asked one skeptic: "How can someone six lagoons back in Lagoona Village get any velocity? How can velocity stop halfway down the lagoon at Ospray Court? How can velocity suddenly stop halfway up the lagoons of Bay Head Shores?”

For now, the new maps are advisory only, and town officials say residents can get permits to rebuild or repair the houses at their current elevations. But when the new flood maps become official, homes built below the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) will be hit with high premiums for flood insurance. Residents who want to avoid the heavy premiums can elevate their homes above the new advisory BFEs, but that costs money. Town officials say they’re hoping that federal Community Block Grant aid will be available to help with that cost.