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  • 5 Ways to Take Your Remodeling Business From Less To More

    Now that the economy seems to be improving, contractors will need to alter the "do more with less" mentality they used during the recession.

  • Contractors - Will your use of Subcontractors land you in Jail too?

    A contractor can get into serious trouble if he or she is not following the rules of law. Recently, a contractor was found guilty of fraud for failing to report their payroll to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

  • Is Painting Like Leftovers in the Fridge?

    Blogger Scott Burt opines about the some of the challenges facing painters and all contractors in today's changing market.

  • A $1.8M Tear Down

    A $1.8 million waterfront house built on the wrong lot must be removed

  • What I Like: Clear Estimates Software

    Two remodelers have gained productivity and won new jobs thanks to software with built-in templates and data for 12,000 parts

  • Nothing but Net (Subscriber content)

    Judging a company's profitability based on gross profit can be misleading. Your bottom line numbers are a better indicator of performance. Here's why.

  • Why Use a 'Time Is of the Essence' Provision in Contracts?

    Most construction projects have a specific time frame, and if completion is delayed, they look to the contract for recourse.

  • Settling With All the Right Parties

    If you have to settle out of court, be sure you cover all your bases.

  • Savannah, Georgia, Economy Shows Increasing Strength

    Georgia’s chief coastal metropolitan area shows continued signs of economic resurgence, according to a university report.

  • What Happens When You Ignore Construction Defects?

    Contractors who discover construction defects or mistakes in their work face two challenges: ignore them and risk liability, or fix the problems and risk destroying evidence.

  • Heat Kills

    After a long winter, summer's finally here ... and it could be brutal.

  • Chinese Drywall Maker Loses a Round in Court

    Drywall manufacturer Taishan Gypsum has lost a U.S. appeals court bid to shrug off liability for damage done to U.S. homes by the contaminated material.

  • Clients from Hell

    Adam Shaf says a dispute with his former clients stems from them "not paying us for work, not because of poor workmanship."

  • Paid in Full?

    What to do when the scope of work changes and the customer disputes your claim for full payment.

  • This list applies to new construction or a structural remodeling job. Your Job Start Package should be customized to the type of work your company does.

    How to Conduct a Job Start Review (Subscriber content)

    If you work with employees or subs, you need to be clear about what, exactly, the project entails and when it's expected to be completed. Everyone needs to understand. This job start package lays it all out.

  • JLC May Letters

    Tips for soldering a lap seam; the usefulness of the GRK lap harness; and the future of vocational training.

  • Feds Find Chinese Drywall Health Risk

    A Centers for Disease Control report says that sulfur emissions from defective Chinese-made drywall could indeed cause respiratory symptoms.

  • Save the Trades

    Ottawa, Illinois high-school students shine in national spotlight for protesting the cut of building trades training.

  • In addition to creating a drawing and spec sheet, such as the one shown above, for small, medium, and large versions of each project type, the author also creates a complete estimate, including all quantities. Complex projects can be estimated by combining templatesfor example, combining templates for a kitchen addition, a powder room, and a laundry.

    Estimating Using Templates, Part Three (Subscriber content)

    Whether you estimate with an off-the-shelf system or using an Excel spreadsheet, most systems today are built around a database of unit pricing items. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • How to Play It Safe When Approving Overtime

    Managing employees' overtime can be tricky. Here are a few tips to keep your staff happy and your company out of the courtroom.