Writing in Remodeling magazine, construction attorney Alex Barthet offers practical advice to contractors for reducing the risk of litigation. Yup, make these a part of your everyday business practice and even the the most litigious customer is likely to dismiss a lawsuit when their attorneys start to dig into the case. But come unprepared and you're a sitting duck.

Some of these you've heard before, like "DO get it in writing-always." But check out the videos linked to in this one. They will provide some keen insights on the scope of how to apply this.

And this one - DO manage expectations - might seem a little vague. But Alex is very specific:  "Review the scope of work and payment terms with your customer and vendors so they know what you plan to do, when you plan to do it, and how you expect to be paid. " Make this a deliberate part of your workflow. Sound business practice is a habit.

The DON'Ts are the best part, because many contractors are inclined to do at least two of these on occasion:

  • DON'T start work without a deposit.
  • DON'T work without insurance.
  • DON'T walk off a job.

The insurance one is obvious to most reputable contractors, but it's still a good reminder, lest you're considering cutting a few corners to save cost.   Read more.