Five years and more after the Chinese drywall story broke in Florida, there's still no official count of how many houses were built or remodeled using the contaminated material. But here's an indication: One county in Florida, Lee County, has 1,900 houses on its tax rolls whose owners have reported the problem to the county Property Appraiser. Here's the report in the News-Press ("Lee County Chinese drywall homes list tops 1,900," by Mary Wozniak).

"Homeowners who can document their home has the drywall can qualify for relief on their property taxes, so their home value will be dropped to $10," the paper reports. But county officials say that even so, many houses have not been reported. How many? They're not sure. Bruce Basiliere, who investigates bad drywall claims for the county, thinks the true number could be double. So does homeowner Rick Kampf, who leads a group of 350 homeowners in the area. Said Kampf: "I suspect that there's probably at least 100 percent more that [have] not been reported; either the owners left the homes, or the homes are being put back on the market through foreclosure and short sale and being sold once again to unsuspecting homeowners."