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Marketing & Selling

  • Pop Quiz: CBRE Investors' Steve Zaleski on Being one of 2010's Top Buyers

    CB Richard Ellis Investors has emerged as one of the top multifamily buyers this year, behind only Behringer Harvard and Equity Residential, and recently closed its largest deal, a $193.5 acquisition of a South Florida community. Apartment Finance Today recently sat down with Managing Director...

  • More Distress Sales Coming as Banks Return to Health

    With the banking sector continuing to lick its wounds and slowly return to health, more distressed multifamily assets are expected to hit the streets next year.

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    How a Remodeler Survived the Housing Bust

    Unlearning bad habits picked up during the boom years is the first step to recovery.

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    Jacks of All Trades

    OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS, many multifamily CFOs added a new, albeit unfortunate, bullet point to their resumes: “loan workout specialist.” Some could probably also add: “crisis management expert.

  • Capture Rate

    TO PARAPHRASE AN OLD QUESTION: If prospective residents call and nobody hears them, do they still make a sound?

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    The Road to Recovery

    BALTIMORE’S RECOVERY hasn’t been as robust as its closest neighbor, Washington, D.C., but signs suggest that employment and economic growth are right around the corner.

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    Strong as Steel

    PITTSBURGH'S APARTMENT MARKET seems to have as many things going for it as it has bridges—which is a lot.

  • LIHTC Properties Spark Economic Gains

    LOW-INCOME HOUSING tax credit (LIHTC) developments significantly boost surrounding property values, according to a new study that examined the economic impact of affordable housing in New York City.

  • Looking for a Home

    DOMESTIC INVESTORS CONTINUE to be largely out of luck these days.

  • One Trick Pony

    One of my guilty pleasures is watching Top Chef and Project Runway.

  • Sizing Up the FHA's Recent and Proposed Changes

    Some of the FHA's multifamily programs haven't seen changes in more than 40 years. So, in announcing new leverage and debt service levels, the FHA took the opportunity to enact a slew of other changes, and propose a few more.

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    Managing a Construction Business by the Numbers

    Managing by the numbers

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    Making it Work

    WORKFORCE RENTAL HOUSING, ideal for professionals such as teachers, firefighters, and nurses, has always been treated as a stepchild in the affordable housing world.

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    The Upside-Down Recovery

    AS THE APARTMENT RECOVERY takes shape, market watchers have agreed on a term to describe the way things are progressing so far—surprise.

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    Smaller Trades Dominate

    ALTHOUGH ECONOMIC conditions are improving in Connecticut's Fairfield and New Haven counties, the turnaround has yielded only modest changes in apartment fundamentals so far this year.

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    Digging for Dollars

    Developers are, inherently, eternally optimistic.

  • Timing the Materials Market

    As the price of materials such as lumber and concrete continue to fall, many developers are employing an "as-needed" approach to purchasing at the end of the second quarter.

  • Multifamily Acquisition Market Heats Up as Cap Rates Fall

    The acquisition market has been gathering steam in the second quarter, with cap rates declining nationally and the gap between buyers and sellers narrowing. The bidding on high-quality assets has become so frenzied that many long-term holders are beginning to wonder if now is a good time to sell...

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    Putting Social Media to Work for a Construction Business

    Do you really need a “blog” for every house you start or a “Twitter feed” telling your prospects what you had for lunch? You just got your Web site up and running last year — isn’t that good enough?

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    Holding Their Own

    AS IN MUCH OF THE NATION, the Minneapolis/St. Paul apartment market shifted dramatically during the past few years.

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