Delmarva, the low-lying shore region that spans the adjacent coastlines of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, has its share of heavily developed shoreline. But residents in the less-developed stretches of shore don't want to see that pattern spread, according to a story from the Daily Times ("Delmarva beach towns resist high-rise development," by Molly Murray and Brian Shane).

"Delaware resort residents have fought to maintain that small-town, laid-back feel," reports the paper. "They like their quaint cottages and 1960s-era motels. They want no part of high rises and modern buildings casting shadows over their well-worn way of life."

The smaller communities along the shore may be reluctant to join the ranks of Ocean City, Maryland, with its high-rise hotels, Hooters, and laser tag, reports the paper. But change is coming even to the slow backwaters of the shore, as the Daily Times reports in a long look back at development in the area since the 1960s and 1970s.