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  • Among Coastal States, New York and Massachusetts Lead Economic Rebound

  • Economic Indexes

    Current economic indexes reflect continued cautious optimism as the economy continues to work toward recovery. The AIA's billings index (ABI) for March 2011 basically held steady at 50.5. However, the new projects inquiry index was at 58.7, up significantly from its February mark of 56.4. The...

  • Bay State Foreclosures Rise but a New Court Ruling Looms

  • Four Alternatives to the Competitive Bidding Process

    A recent experience got me thinking about the competitive bid process.

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    Protecting Profits in Your Construction Business

    Let's begin this month by reviewing some basic financial concepts and benchmarks.

  • Where s the Money Bankruptcy Court Reverses Tousa Ruling

  • Coastal Florida Builders Struggle in Flat Market

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    Cloudy With a Chance of Optimism

    Quarterly economic fluctuations continue to drive consumer caution.

  • Flood Insurance Program Under Fire ~

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    Budgeting for Your Marketing, Sales, and Project Starts

    Budgeting for your marketing, sales, and project starts

  • Opportunity's (Hard) Knock

  • GSE Rates Rise Dramatically as the Benchmark Climbs

    All-in rates on 10-year loans from the GSEs have risen 60 to 70 basis points in the past six weeks, which will likely have a big impact on cap rates, and the acquisition market in general, heading into 2011.

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    Use Excel to Budget Next Year's Project Mix

    Take some pain out of the yearly exercise of creating your jobs budget

  • 3 Up, 3 Down: Demographics Forecast Hot and Cold Metros

    Apartment Finance Today polled three of the industry's top research houses to identify three markets with high demographic upside, and three others that have numbers working against them. Surprisingly, Fort Lauderdale emerged as one of the hottest, while Atlanta is expected to continue its slump.

  • Construction Downturn Hits Florida Coasts Unequally

  • Proposed Trust Fund Rules Issued

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued proposed regulations for the affordable housing trust fund created by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA), linking the regulations to the existing HOME program regulations t

  • What's Ahead for LIHTC Allocations

    Deals that can get across the finish line.

  • Finding a Balance

    A good friend of mine used to throw pizza parties at his “fixer-upperia.”

  • Face Off

    THE PATH THAT FANNIE MAE and Freddie Mac follow out of conservatorship will be guided by the results of the mid-term elections.

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    Metroplex Flexes Recovery

    JOB GROWTH IS BACK—at least in Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas. And the return of jobs has led to strengthening demand across the entire metroplex, driving absorption to the highest level in a decade.

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