Entrepreneurs Craig Blume and Peter Takos have an innovative idea for making optimal use of a building lot at the end of Florida coastal canal: they want to park a boat under the house, instead of on a lifting dock.

“Blume and Takos, who have formed a company to put the concept into production, have acquired a homesite where they want to put their test case,” reports the Marco Eagle (see: “A boat in the basement? Marco Planning Board meeting approves concept for cutting slip space beneath,” by Lance Shearer. “Money is in hand to build a house, although at this point they couldn’t specify if it would be built for an end-user, on spec, or as a personal residence.”

Persuading local planning and building officials wasn’t easy. The pair had to present their proposal twice, with grilling from one board member about the risk of mold growing in the wet boathouse under the building. But Takos, an experienced painting contractor, said the pair is working with Sherwin-Williams, who make a paint suitable for the situation. And architect Blume showed pictures of similarly built homes in other Florida municipalities, on Michigan lakes, and in Europe.

 “The city’s building code, said Marco Island Growth Management Department staff liaison Tami Scott, doesn’t allow the concept, but it doesn’t disallow it either,” the paper reported. “The code is not clear,” said City Manager Roger Hernstadt.

In the end, the Planning Board voted to allow the proposal — but only on a conditional basis, with no ruling that the same method would be allowed for other projects.