Tiny homes are trending in the United States. One reason is their undeniable appeal to the do-it-yourself crowd. Learning construction by doing is hard; but if the project's small enough, the effort starts to seem more manageable. The New York Times recently reported on one example: the story of a New York City single woman who is building her own little dwelling inside a warehouse in Brooklyn. Still to be determined: where the building will go once it's done (see: "A Tiny Home Takes Shape in Brooklyn, but It May Not Stay," by Annie Correal.

"Ms. Mercer is building her house in Brooklyn, but probably will not live in it there," the Times reported. "It’s on a trailer, and when she is done, she will tow it away, possibly upstate, where a tiny house colony for techie types and a left-leaning tiny house collective have appeared."

"This spring she will add the roof and everything inside," the Times reported. "Then the search begins for a place to park. She has considered Far Rockaway, Montauk and points north, within biking distance of a commuter train. Though a weekend retreat might be 'the more reasonable plan,' she said, 'I want to live in it.'"