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Coastal homeowners hit by Hurricane Sandy flooding have faced a long road back from the disaster. But that's not the whole story. Businesses also got hammered hard in the storm. This month, Inc. magazine profiled five small businesses who survived the flooding, and are clawing their way back from the damage (see: "Where They Are Now: 5 Businesses Hit by Hurricane Sandy," by Jeremy Quittner).

From a 100-employee development firm with millions of dollars worth of office and industrial facilities to rebuild and upgrade, to a mom-and-pop barbecue restaurant whose owners had to take side jobs to stay afloat, owners have had to call on deep reserves of ingenuity and determination. Reports Inc.: "For the restaurants and manufacturers and construction companies caught up in the savagery of Hurricane Sandy, it has often meant redeploying resources for much-needed upgrades to existing infrastructure or replacing equipment that was lost to flooding. While insurance money came slow for many, it also covered only a small percentage of losses for most. So entrepreneurs did what they do best--they got creative to stay open."