Areas hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 received millions of dollars in Federal emergency relief and reconstruction aid. Tracking how all that money was spent has been a challenge. In Milford, Connecticut, news outlets are reporting that the FBI is investigating the handling of funds.

"The FBI Public Corruption Task Force is conducting an investigation into how the city spent federal money after Superstorm Sandy devastated the coastline three years ago," the Connecticut Post reported in November (see: "FBI investigating possible corruption in Milford," by John Burgeson and Ken Dixon). "Several Milford officials have been questioned, and there has been no shortage of stories coming out of the Parsons Government Center in Milford of FBI agents walking out the door with documents," the paper reported.

But Milford Mayor Ben Blake told NBC Connecticut that he had no personal knowledge of an FBI investigation (see: "Mayor Denies Knowledge of FBI Probe into Misuse of Superstorm Sandy Recovery Funds," by Justin Schecker).

“At this point, the only thing we know from the story is that an unnamed former employee was interviewed and asked a broad range of questions," the mayor told the station in an email. "No one has contacted my office about any investigation. With that said, if there is an investigation, we welcome it, and will support it in every way we can. Any allegations that may concern contractors or former employees of the City of Milford are troubling, and therefore, I have reached-out to investigative authorities to inquire further and, to the extent necessary, offered my help and the services of my office. Let it be very clear, should any kind of misconduct within our city be discovered, my office will address it quickly and decisively.”