Repairing a house after a flood can cost many thousands of dollars—not to mention months (if not years) of trouble. Considering that cost, Texas resident Randy Wagner considers the $8,300 he spent on his "AquaDam" a pretty smart investment in prevention. "Wagner drove to Louisiana and purchased an AquaDam, learned how to install it and with the help of two other men, the dam kept the water back," TV station KHOU reported (see: "Rosharon resident uses AquaDam to protect home from floodwaters," by Jacqueline Crea) "He filled up 400 feet of 30 inch high tubes made of plastic and fabric with water. He and his family stayed, waited and watched as the water rose to 27 inches, but never seeped through the barriers."

According to the AquaDam website, the tube dam's uses go far beyond temporary flood protection—the technique is also useful for construction site dewatering and for facilitating repair work on shoreline structures.