Last month, JLC's Coastal Contractor reported on two big cash settlements in cases where homeowners complained of faulty stucco applied to the walls of their Florida homes (see: "Defect Cases Dog Big Florida Builders," 6/14). This month brings new reports on stucco disputes from local news outlets in the state: one report from Land O' Lakes (see: "FOX 13 Investigates: Homeowners say builder is sticking them with stucco problems," by Tina Jensen), and one from Cape Coral (see: "Stucco defect costing Cape homeowners big money," by David Hodges).

Engineer Thomas Miller (Structural Engineering and Inspections, Inc.) told NBC that the problems in Cape Coral are not unusual—in fact, he says, it's the opposite: "Easily I could tell you from 2001 through 2014 the vast majority, we're talking about in excess of 99 percent of homes that were built with stucco over wood frame with the drainage plain system were not built in compliance with code." And Miller pegs the typical cost of repairs at anything from $30,000 to $200,000 or more.