NYC Build it Back

New York's Mayor Bloomberg has announced a reorganized and re-branded effort to help residents and businesses rebuild and repair after last year's Hurricane Sandy. Called "NYC Build It Back," the program aims to overcome the disorganization and confusion of last year's "Rapid Repairs" program by assigning each property owner's or renter's case to a one-on-one expert manager, reports the Wall Street Journal ("NYC mayor announces new effort on Sandy repairs," by Associated Press).

"We are making our federal aid package simple and understandable and tailoring assistance to the specific needs of the families and businesses most impacted by Sandy," Bloomberg said at a City Hall news conference. "Eligible homeowners, renters and landlords can seek advice and financing to repair and rebuild or even get reimbursed for work already done. Loans are also available," reported the Journal. Bloomberg announced the new program at a City Hall news conference on June 3 (see video, below).

"We're going to make sure you get the personal attention that you need," promised Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he introduced the city's new "NYC Build It Back" recovery program.

City residents can sign up for the program over the phone by dialing 311, or online at the city's "NYC Recovery" website. The program also has a Facebook page (also called "NYC Build It Back").

"I strongly urge all New Yorkers who own or live in homes that Sandy damaged to sign up for this program," said Bloomberg. "To be eligible, you simply must be a homeowner or renter whose primary residence in our city was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, or be a landlord whose property in the city was damaged by Sandy. Whether you register online or by phone, we're going to make sure you get the personal attention that you need. And we'll do that by assigning a Housing Recovery Specialist to everyone who registers, so there will be a specific person that you can liaison with. They’ll be trained to determine your eligibility for the program and to guide you through the process every step of the way.”