Investigators looking for a cause of last week's conflagration in Seaside Park, New Jersey, say the fire started in old wiring located underneath the boardwalk. The Newark Star-Ledger has this report: ("Seaside fire: Wires damaged by Sandy ignited boardwalk blaze, officials say," by Erin O'Neill).

"Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato said fire investigators are confident that electrical wiring was to blame, saying the wiring was apparently damaged by exposure to salt water and sand during and after Hurricane Sandy," the paper reports.

"The wiring that we're talking about was installed, we believe, after 1970," said Coronato. "What you have here is wiring that was underneath the boardwalk that was energized that was there for many, many years. Obviously that was not inspected … You'd have to tear down the entire building to get to the wiring."