The City Council of Mustang, in Oklahoma's Canadian County, voted four to three in April against adopting the 2009 International Building Code and International Residential Code after several citizens at a public meeting spoke out against allowing the United Nations to set policy in the United States, the Mustang Times reports ("City rejects building codes after citizens voice Agenda 21 concerns," by Jon Watje).

Mustang resident Juanita Holland told the councilors, "I did a lot of research over the past several days about Agenda 21. You are right, this is mandated by the government, but it is the government taking over our rights and taking our private property. I would hate to see Mustang become one of the cities that lets the United Nations come in and walk all over it."

Danielle Patterson, a resident of nearby Yukon, Oklahoma, pleaded with council members: "I would ask that you would stand for our sovereignty, our state and our nation. I wonder, what does an international entity have to do with local plumbers, electricians and construction workers. Are we not our own? We should remain sovereign."

Mustang resident Jason Timm, a Republican Party committee man, said, "We are talking about the laundering of ideologies and philosophies. This is a United Nations agenda that they are trying to launder down to us." Said Timm, "I truly think Mustang needs to find a separate set of codes and reject these ICC codes ... so we don't promote Agenda 21."

Mustang developer Robert Crout, a board member of the Oklahoma Home Builders Association, spoke in favor of the codes: "These particular codes have been long discussed by the state homebuilders association and it has been brought through the state of Oklahoma. We endorsed them and we think Mustang should accept them."