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The 510 uses the same basic "engine" design as the 500, but has a largerdiameter cylinder and piston. Both tools require special fasteners made with 60 carbon steel that is heat treated to Rockwell C52. With these nails, both PanelFast systems meet ICBO code recommendations. Test results provided by the manufacturer suggest that negative wind shear holding strengths provided by the 510 nailer are virtually the same as screws. These PanelFast nailers hold a 250- nail coil. The magazine can hold either 11/2- or 2-inch nails. ET&F's nails are treated with a corrosion-resistant coating called AeroFast 1000, which withstands 1,000 hours of salt spray. This provides ten times the corrosion resistance of conventional zinc electroplated fasteners. Manufacturer tests also show that