With any of the services listed here, you can access your files on the web using a browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (rather than having to use a proprietary client application) or you can work on your files locally, on your laptop or desktop computer, without an Internet connection. All of these services also allow access from mobile devices. Prices accurate as of time of publication.

Online backup systems like Carbonite and MozyPro do a great job of protecting your data from a catastrophic loss, but that's about all they're good for. They don't take advantage of the collaborative nature of the Internet and aren't especially useful for day-to-day document management and file sharing.Full-blown online document-management systems, on the other hand, offer lots of features that backup-only services don't - but they can be complicated to set up and learn, and have more functions than many of us will ever need.A third type of web-based file-hosting service has the potential to completely change how you use...