• Credit: Christopher Capozziello for The New York Times

New York City has estimated that it would cost roughly $10 billion to elevate every house in the city to the height called for in advisory flood elevation maps released in January, according to a report in the New York Times ("Going Up a Few Feet, and Hoping to Avoid a Storm's Path," by Elizabeth A. Harris). Many homeowners won't be able to afford the work before federal aid becomes available (if then). But some homeowners are already having their houses raised, the Times reports: "Now that the dust has settled and some insurance checks have gone out, the work of hoisting entire homes up into the air, with stairs and cabinets and even some furniture still inside, has begun." And for upscale houses in the well-heeled bedroom communities surrounding New York, the paper reports, the cost of elevation is a significant factor in the asking prices for homes on the market — as a plus if they're already elevated, and as a minus if they're not.