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JANUARY JLC 1999 Products JLC' s Products by Pete Young Large Flat-Roof Skylights Light aluminum frames with thermal breaks minimize condensation and maximize glass space in the Classic Skylighting System. The frames come with concealed fasteners, and the integral condensation gutters channel excess moisture to the exterior. Available in square pyramid, hipped-end, double pitched, and octagonal pyramid models, these flatroof skylights use high-performance insulated glass and are available in many sizes. A 5x5-foot pyramid unit carries a contractor price of about $2,800 and requires about 10 hours of labor to install. Contact: Wasco Products, Inc., P.O. Box 351, Sanford, ME 04073; 800/388-0293; Wet- and Cold-Weather Gloves Imagine how your hands usually feel on a cold, wet, and windy job site — as soon as they get wet,