Tom Scholtens, the Chief Building Official for Charleston, South Carolina, told state lawmakers that a misfire in the state's process for adopting updated building codes on a three-year cycle could cost his city millions of dollars, reports Charleston TV station WCIV (ABC Channel 4).

"We're actually on fairly old code set up at the moment, the 2006 code should have been replaced by the 2009, but unfortunately due to the process that occurred in the state, we missed that adoption process, and 2009 never came into the adoption for the state of South Carolina," Charleston Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh told the station.

As a result, says Scholtens, the city of Charleston stands to lose a preferential flood insurance rate under National Flood Insurance Program rules, worth $3 million a year to the city. Statewide, says Scholtens, the preferential rate saves communities $19 annually.