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DECEMBER JLC 2000 Transom Window Layout BY DESIGN Transom Window Layout by Mark Bromley 26 7/16" R.O. 38 7/16" R.O. 26 7/16" R.O. 25 7/16" F.S. 37 7/16" F.S. 25 7/16" F.S. 23 1/8" F.S. 23 5/8" R.O. 82 " F.S. 82 1/2" R.O. CAWN-3 STAT CUIFD 20-3068-20 SCALE: 1/2" = 1'-0" A Figure 2. Repositioning the muntins in the transoms, unfortunately, didn't help. The resulting asymmetrical lights only called attention to themselves, and gave the entire group an awkward, off-balance look. This raised another possibility: Maybe the problem wasn't with the muntins, but with the relatively narrow stiles and rails of the transoms, which didn't match that of the doors and sidelights below. We went back to the drawing board again