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Circuit Sniffer Instead of bellowing from the basement to a helper on the second floor, identify electrical circuits single-handedly using a Model CBI-1 circuit breaker identifier. Plug the sender module into the outlet in question, then find its corresponding breaker by passing the receiver over the circuit panel. An audible signal emits when you scan the right breaker. The $49 tool helps eliminate breaker misidentification. Don't worry, you can still shock the help: Give them a raise. Contact: AEMC Instruments, 99 Chauncy St., Boston, MA 02111; 800/343-1391; Products JLC 's Products by Dave Holbrook Self-Stick Roofing Even though roll roofing is simple and cheap to install, that black blind nailing cement has a mysterious tendency to get on every tool, surface, and installer in sight. Peel-and-stick QuickRoll Low Slope