Building Science Corp. announced two new building science seminars,November 19 and 20 at BSC headquarters in Westford, Mass.  Any building professional interested in understanding the dynamics of heat and moisture in buildings will be more than gratified by Dr. Joe's sessions.

On November 19, Dr. Joe ("the Czech") will be joined by Dr. Achilles Karagiozis ("the Greek) for Hygrothermal  Analysis (a fancy engineer's term for investigating heat flow and moisture migration), in what is sure to be not only an informative, but entertaining, session, as the two building-science greats face-off to decide whether old-school dew-point calcs are sufficient (Dr. Joe's presumed position), or whether more sophisticated WUFI models are needed (Dr. Achilles') to design and  evaluate the performance of today's buildings.

On November 20, Dr. Joe, joined by Peter Baker, will focus on water leakage testing of windows. Among the many questions they promise to answer for general contractors and architects (albeit in different ways) include: How do you fix windows that "fail" [water leakage tests]? How can you "game" the tests? How are windows manufactured/optimized to "pass" arbitrary and capricious test procedures rather than manufactured/optimized to provide extended service life?  And alas, why are Canadians called "hosers"?

Registration for each seminar costs $395.00. For more information and to register for the seminars, visit BSC.