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MARCH JLC 2000 Products JLC's Products by Dave Holbrook Ladder-Day Saint Perhaps due to the slow onset of "geezer-itis," I find anything that lightens the load to be a wonderful thing. The Ladder Caddy puts wheels under one end of a long, heavy extension ladder for one-man transport. And — talk about teaching an old dog new tricks — with wheels, that same ladder becomes a functional wheelbarrow, sort of. The 20-inch inflatable tire(s) can be quickly attached to the ladder, and left on during normal use. Three models are available from $100 to $175. Contact: Sur-Loc, 3560 E. Swager Dr., Fremont, IN 46737; 800/223-7517; Fall Protection If you're on the roof, you need fall protection year-round. Guardrail 2000 adjusts to 4/12, 8/12, and 12/12