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  • "Tri-Horse" Saw Work Station

    Brian Campbell, a finish carpenter in St. Paul, Minnesota, has developed a workstation he calls the Tri-Horse, because each horse has three points of contact with the ground. It can be set up in several ways, breaks down flat for storage and transport--and you can build it yourself.

  • A Super Organized Rolling Work Station

    A Canadian cabinet maker used folding scaffolding and lean manufacturing principles to create this amazing system for storing the tools and supplies needed to assemble cabinets.

  • Retainage: How to get Some When You're Halfway Done

    On public jobs, the halfway point is a milestone which, when reached, requires a reduction of retainage from all subsequent payments. Private contracts, on the other hand, treat retainage according to the contract. But nothing prevents you from negotiating a similar reduction at 50% completion.

  • Banks Battle Borrowers Over Chinese Drywall Settlement Money

    People who lost possession of their homes after discovering contaminated Chinese drywall in the buildings now find mortgage holders staking a claim to a share of the payouts from manufacturers of the defective material.

  • Good News and Bad News in New Flood Maps for Palm Beach County

    FEMA’s new Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Palm Beach County, Florida, are drawing mixed reviews from the locals.

  • Two Great Cities, Two Sea-Level Rise Problems

    New York and Miami both face a long-term threat from rising seas, and billions of dollars are at stake. Here’s a look at their problems, and their approaches to a solution.

  • In Jersey, Homes Rise While Electric Meters Stay Put

    Homes along the New Jersey shore are rising above the flood elevation. So why are electric meters staying at ground level?

  • Making and Installing Sound-Absorbing Panels

    Coastal Connection visits the Waltham, Mass., shop of New England Soundproofing to see how sound-absorbing panels are made, then comes along to see the panels installed in a busy Italian restaurant in Boston’s North End.

  • Setting Super-Windows in a Double Stud Wall

    ZIP sheathing, high-tech SIGA Wigluv tape, and a lag-screw connection through the window jamb make installing these high-performance Schuco windows a quick and painless job.

  • Earthquake Rocks Napa

    “The newer buildings that met current standards fared better, but there’s still a lot of mess to clean up inside.”