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  • Ryobi Cordless Brad Nailer

    Ryobi has added the P320 brad nailer to its One+18-volt system. This tool offers hoseless nailing on a budget, and might be just the thing for service work and small jobs.

  • Ergodyne Squids Retractable Lanyard

    Ergodyne's retractable tool lanyards help prevent tools from falling off a ladder or roof, without inhibiting your ability to work.

  • Opening Day Quandary

    For many folks who live out here, showering outdoors is a cherished experience from Spring until the first hard freeze, and I have literally been counting the days up to today.

  • Simple Recessed Medicine Cabinet Details

    None of these details are super tricky but they require a good team of craftsman to ensure this simple detail doesn't look sloppy when it's completed.

  • Fleeing from Fire

    It's the stuff movies are are made of:  With only seconds to spare, a firefighter reaches project foreman Curtis Reissig, before a section of a blazing building collapses.

  • Details for Foam-Free Superinsulated Construction

    The architects and Passive House consultants at 475 High Performance Building Materials are working on a comprehensive set of building details for new construction and retrofit that are designed to achieve Passive House levels of air-tightness and super-insulation without the use of spray-applied...

  • Creating a Palette of Foam-Free Superinsulation Details

    There’s more than one way to build a highly insulated, air-tight house—or to tighten up and super-insulate an existing home. Here’s a look at an evolving array of superinsulated details that don’t use spray foam.

  • FBI Investigating FEMA Over Flood Map Revisions?

    NBC News is reporting that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is questioning FEMA officials after NBC reported on apparent influence-peddling in the flood map appeals process.

  • Will Summer Bring a Rebound for the Jersey Shore?

    It’s going on two years since Hurricane Sandy slammed the Jersey Shore. Is the region primed for a comeback?

  • New York City Rebuilding Program Draws Fire for Lack of Results

    A year and a half after Hurricane Sandy flooded the city, New York’s “Build It Back” program “hasn't actually built anything back yet,” City Council members complain.