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  • New Infrared Options for Remodelers

    By providing a visual image of cold air blowing into the living room, infrared cameras help clients understand the value of air sealing.

  • Solo Installation of Crown Molding

    Techniques developed over the course of 25 years on the job take the place of a helper.

  • Profit Is Not a Happy Accident

    A bigger job does not necessarily mean a bigger profit.

  • New York State: No Grade Stamp Needed

    Code authorities in New York State have endorsed a New York amendment to the International Code that will allow builders in the state to use locally sawn lumber that does not have an agency grade stamp.

  • Code Savvy

    A veritable professor of building codes, Glenn Mathewson, provides free online code training at Building Code College. Each one's like a free JLC-Live conference session.

  • True Classic: Raking Cornice

    Every carpenter wants to dive in and make the sawdust fly. But without slowing down to get the design right first, even great joinery skills can't save a project from failure.

  • Vermont Modular Builder Shoots for Net Zero

    Targeting flood-damaged trailer parks, Vermont’s VerMod, Inc., is replacing some of the state’s worst housing stock with some of its best — affordably.

  • Does the Nest Thermostat Save Energy?

    Four years after the Nest Learning Thermostat was introduced, there's enough data to answer whether it saves energy or not.

  • Pressure Mounts to Reform RRP

    A new bill introduced in Congress might allow owners to opt-out of lead-paint rules, a provision originally considered when crafting the rules, but never implemented.

  • Home Depot v. Lowes 2015

    David Frane's not-so-boring take on a great supply-chain rivalry: Depot stomps Lowes. And the International Space Station. And Mount Everest.