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Other stories by Aaron Hoover

  • Muddy Waters

    Few dispute that construction-site erosion poses a significant problem. Muddy roads and cloudy streams tied to a decade-long nationwide building boom have left many residents eager for a clampdown, especially in coastal areas, where water quality is a crucial issue. For contractors, the upshot is...

  • Wetlands Done Right

    For coastal developers, the preservation of wetlands often seems like a hindrance to growth. But advances in the science of wetlands restoration and new environmental policy just may be able to find some common ground. Aaron Hoover looks at the issue of "compensatory mitigation" and the policy of...

  • Backdoor: Population Downshift?

    Population Downshift?

  • Native Landscaping for Coastal Homes

    Drawn to the coast for its natural beauty and wildlife, yet increasingly confronted by red tides, fish kills, and contaminated beaches, many coastal residents are deeply concerned about the environment. While they cannot single-handedly save the coast, a growing number are seeking out builders and...

  • Backdoor: Blown Apart

    Blown Apart

  • Breakline

    Water Woes

  • Backdoor: Climate Quandaries

    Climate Quandaries

  • Backdoor: Katrina by the Numbers

    Katrina by the Numbers