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Other stories by Andrew Wormer

  • Fall Protection for Roof Work

    Youíll need a written plan, proper training, and the right equipment to comply with OSHA safety rules

  • Quake-Proof Cottage - Steel SIPs Add Strength

    Quake-proof cottage

  • Best Nails for Drywall

    Q: I can't find the blued ring-shank drywall nails I started hanging drywall with 30 years ago. All that seems to be available are cheap and flimsy drywall nails that bend too easily when I nail them in, rust as soon as I apply mud, and leave my hands covered with black ink. Why don't they make...

  • Focus on French Doors

    Engineered for energy efficiency and leak-free performance, hinged patio doors are an elegant option in any climate.

  • Building With Precast Concrete Panels

    Produce industrial-strength energy-efficient homes with hollow-core planks and precast wall panels.

  • How to Build a Concrete Canoe

    If you don't know much about boatbuilding, start by welding rebar together to frame the gunwales and keel. Then form the hull with layers of chicken wire, and trowel a stiff 1/2-inch-thick mortar mix onto the mesh.

  • On Assignment in Iraq

    Contractor Rob O'Brien is an active-duty Marine. In August 2005, when he learned he was to be deployed to Iraq, he fully expected to participate in some of the riskier support operations his unit would be performing from its base in Al Anbar Province.

  • Ghosts of the Gold Rush

    Tell Charley Spiller that his roofs look like they've been cobbled together from tin cans, and he'll thank you for the compliment. Spiller, a maintenance mechanic for California's Bodie State Historic Park, works in the ghost town of Bodie, Calif., on buildings that haven't been inhabited for a...

  • In The News

    DOE criticizes energy-code amendments; carbon monoxide death puts focus on CO detectors; Oregon zoning official scraps with HBA; more

  • Laying Wide Pine Floors

    In many parts of the country, softwood is a traditional flooring material. A veteran finish carpenter explains his method for installing wide-board softwood floors.