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Other stories by Bill Rock Smith

  • Q&A: Makeup Air for an Exhaust-Only Ventilation System

    Q: Q. I’m building a tight house with above-average attention to air sealing, and I plan to ventilate with a Panasonic exhaust fan running continuously. Will the cracks around windows and doors admit adequate makeup air, or do I need to provide wall vents

  • Q&A: Staining New Boards to Look Old

    Q: We are building an addition on a 25-year-old house. The house has cathedral ceilings with exposed unfinished pine board roof sheathing, and the walls are paneled with unfinished pine boards. The pine boards have darkened with age, and the homeowners wa

  • Q&A: Choosing Cellulose Insulation

    Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of dense-pack cellulose versus damp-spray cellulose insulation?

  • Heat-Recovery Ventilators

    HRVs are still a mystery to many builders. A veteran installer describes how to select and install premium ventilation systems in tightly built homes.