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Other stories by Bill%20Robinson

  • Pam Tite Hot-Melt Adhesive System

    Bill Robinson reviews the HB 220 industrial glue gun and Pam Tite thermoplastic adhesives.

  • Installing Impact Zone Windows

    A growing number of state and local codes call for impact zone windows in construction near the shore—windows made of shatterproof laminated glass that won't succumb to the flying debris generated by a hurricane. But even the strongest window will fail if not properly installed. Manufacturers'...

  • JLC Extra: Simple Sill Pans - Sources of Supply

    A list of companies that sell sill pans or materials for making sill pans.

  • Simple Sill Pans

    You already flash around doors and windows; you should be flashing under them, too.

  • Does the Size of a Rain-Screen Gap Matter?

    Q: Rain-screen wall assemblies seem like a good idea for protecting wood siding and paint, but they can create headaches when it comes to resolving door, window, and other trim details. Wider gaps mean that doors and windows would need jamb extensions, as well as screening to keep bugs out. But...

  • Weather Barriers for Coastal Conditions

    According to general contractor Bill Robinson, the building industry is going through a renaissance of sorts when it comes to weather protection. He predicts that as the current best practices become standardized, even more detailed requirements will be brought back to the codes. And that's a good...

  • Replacing Doors In Stucco

    Cut carefully to preserve the building paper, and hide the missing stucco with rotproof trim.