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Other stories by Bill Feist

  • Q&A: Choosing and Finishing Porch Boards

    Q: I am planning to replace the porch floor on a 120-year-old Victorian home. Since cedar and redwood seem too soft for a porch floor, I am choosing between tongue-and-groove yellow pine, vertical-grain fir, and mahogany. Can you explain the advantages and disadvantages of these species when used...

  • Q&A: Paint vs. Stain on Clapboards

    Q: I plan to install radially cut spruce clapboards on a new house and want to stain them with a white semitransparent or opaque stain. What type of finish appearance should I expect, and how often will the finish need to be renewed? Although stained siding looks better to me than painted siding, I...

  • Q&A: Sealing Exterior Wood Before Painting

    Q: How much benefit is there to applying a water sealer and wood preservative to clapboard siding before priming and painting?

  • Making Paint Stick to Wood Siding & Trim

    Premature paint failure is a common problem — but it doesn’t have to be. One of the nation’s foremost experts on paint explains how to choose and apply finishes on various types of wood siding to reduce your chances of callbacks.

  • Q&A: Mildew-Resistant Paint

    Q: Which paints are more mildew-resistant, oil-based or acrylic? How can I prevent mildew from growing on painted surfaces?