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Other stories by Bruce%20Zaretsky

  • Installing a Green Roof

    Interlocking pre-grown panels add little dead load to the roof.

  • Laying a Flagstone Terrace

    For a smooth surface, cut the stones to fit and float them into place.

  • Building a Stone Retaining Wall

    Fully settled subsoils, a well-compacted base of crushed stone, and good drainage are essential for long-lasting results.

  • Anchoring a Railing To Stone

    Q. Anchoring a Railing To Stone I need to secure the base of a wrought-iron handrail to an exterior granite landing. My plan is to drill holes into the stone and use anchors. What's the best way to do this without cracking the stone, and what should I use for anchors? I am concerned that wedge...

  • Landscape Lighting - Continued

    Retrofitting a multihead shower; shower enclosures; refrigerators

  • Segmental Block Retaining Walls

    Longer lasting than timber and more user friendly than stone, segmental block retaining walls combine good looks with great structural stability.