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Other stories by Carl Hagstrom

  • Presentation Drawings for Design-Build

    Selling professional design services requires more than an ability to sketch floor plans. An experienced design-builder offers advice on how to use quality perspective drawings and textured elevations to sell jobs.

  • Q&A: Chimney Flashing for Metal Roofs

    Q: I have to flash a chimney where it penetrates a corrugated metal roof with ridges 8 inches o.c. What’s the solution?

  • Q&A: Flaking Concrete

    Q: What causes a concrete slab to form a thin top coat that can flake off or, if something is dropped on it, chip off in big pieces? Some customers want a glasslike finish on their garage floors, but after screeding and power troweling, the surface often becomes a thin, flaky material that doesn’t...

  • Q&A: Frostproof Slab-on-Grade

    Q: We are faced with a site for a 1,400-square-foot, story-and-a-half house in a northern climate with a 6-foot frost depth. We propose to build the house on a slab-on-grade foundation, some of which will be near ledge. Does the footing for such a slab have to extend below the 6-foot frost depth...

  • Installing Cabinets Solo

    Tools and tips for hanging kitchen cabinets, by a builder who prefers to do it alone.

  • Layout Tricks for Rough Openings

    As any finish sub knows, careful framing smooths the installation of drywall and trim. Follow these guidelines for fast, accurate framing of doors, windows, stairs, and fireplaces.

  • Taking Care of Business

    Working contractors share tips on how to run your business better.

  • Toolbox: Adjustable Framing Braces

    Adjustable wall braces for fast framing

  • Tips for Custom-Milled Trim

    Ordering hardwood trim is a lot more complicated than buying pine at the lumberyard. Success depends on careful planning, clear communication, and a good working relationship with a reputable millwork shop.

  • Builder's Library

    Construction forms, writing good letters