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Other stories by Chuck Green

  • Two Simple Curved Walls

    This remodeling contractor used simple techniques and a manufactured curved plate to assemble radiused walls.

  • Q&A: Crown Detail Hides Truss Movement

    Q: We all know truss uplift can be a problem at the intersection of ceilings and interior walls. Is there a way to install crown molding so that you don’t see a paint-line reveal when the ceiling moves?

  • Detail: A Hidden Newel Post

    The architect specced a switchback stair rail with no newel post at the landing — a visually pleasing but structurally weak design. Here’s how the builder provided support without changing the designer’s intent.

  • Solid Surface Update

    This premium countertop material continues to be difficult to obtain and install without factory training. A Massachusetts remodeler sorts through the confusing array of products and takes a look at the installer certification process.

  • Builder's Library: Collected Wisdom

    Tricks from a veteran carpenter

  • Getting Burned by a Client: Lessons Learned.

    There will always be homeowners who are out to take advantage of unwary builders. These tales of woe may help you see them coming and minimize the harm.

  • Toolbox: Custom Hot Rod Table Saw

    Contractor table saw upgrade kit

  • Toolbox: Trim Champ

    Compound miter conversion kit for circular saws

  • Custom Built-In Cabinets

    It’s easier to match existing trim and other design features with built-ins than with shop-built cabinets. Here’s a step-by-step look at the design considerations, joinery, and installation techniques that make built-in cabinets a good choice.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Multi-Purpose Tools for Kitchen Work

    Specialty tools for K&B work