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Other stories by Clayton DeKorne

  • Toolbox: Sweet Trim Guns

    New pneumatic trim nailers

  • Q&A: Painted Plywood Floors

    Q: Can painted plywood be used as both the subfloor and finish floor over 24-inch on-center joists? What thickness would the plywood need to be? Would I need two layers?

  • Toolbox: Simple Self-Leveling Laser

    Self-leveling laser

  • Toolbox: Dustless Drywall Sander

    Dust-free drywall sander

  • Q&A: Roof Venting Basics

    Q: Here in the West, we often build with exposed rafter tails. For attic roof vents, we typically drill three 1 1/2-inch holes through every other soffit block, and install ridge vents. Is this enough ventilation?

  • Q&A: Temporary Bearing Support

    Q: We will soon build an addition to a balloon-framed house. This job calls for opening up one exterior bearing wall. We plan to install the beam flush with the ceiling joists so we have a continuous ceiling plane between the old and new structures. What is the best way to temporarily support the...

  • Q&A: Connecting to Aluminum Wiring

    Q: I recently did some work in a house where the electrician found aluminum wiring. The electrical inspector told us that pigtailing in standard devices with wire nuts was not acceptable. Instead, we must use aluminum-rated devices and special aluminum-to-copper connectors. I checked with the local...

  • Backfill: Please Pass the Butter Firkin Hammer

    Old-time tool talk: Pass the butter firkin, please

  • Toolbox: In-Line Jigsaw

    New Bosch in-line jigsaw

  • Q&A: Do Vapor Barriers Trap Moisture

    Q: Our drywall contractor argues that installing a poly vapor barrier behind the drywall will trap moisture, where it will condense, causing the drywall to degrade. Is there any truth to this claim?