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Other stories by Dan Dolan

  • Q&A: A Fix for Bouncy Floors

    Q: As part of a remodel, I have to replace the carpet on a floor framed with 2x10s on 12-inch centers. The joist span is 20 feet, and the floor bounces so badly that things on the table shake when someone walks through the room. Is there a good way to fix this problem before recarpeting?

  • Q&A: Sizing Steel Girders

    Q: A while ago you ran an article recommending that you limit deflection of built-up wood girders to L/600 so that the floor joists wouldn’t vibrate excessively (see Practical Engineering, 8/97). My question: Does this also apply to steel girders, or is it mainly a wood-related issue, owing to the...

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    Reducing floor vibration

  • Practical Engineering: Sizing Stiff Floor Girders

    Building bounce-free floor girders