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Other stories by Dave Crosby

  • Toolbox: Segmental Arches

    Layout tool for segmental arches

  • Compound Miter Saw Review

    Our tool editor takes a close look at 10- and 12-inch compound chop saws, and compares them for power, accuracy, and durability.

  • Toolbox: Single-Nail Pneumatic Driver

    Makita single-nail pneumatic driver

  • Toolbox: Handsaw Revival

    New-tech handsaws

  • Q&A: Circular Saw Won't Cut Straight

    Q: I have a Skil 559 7 1/4-inch saw, which I have a tough time making accurate cuts with. The saw was given to me, and I suspect it’s a lower-end product. I realize that it’s a poor workman who blames his tools, and I figured I’d get the hang of it after a while, but straight cuts right along the...

  • Cordless Saw UPDATE

    Longer runtimes and greater power are making cordless circular saws more useful on the site. Our tool editor takes a close look at the available models.

  • Products

    Plastic sump pit, convenient concrete anchor kit, safety lanyard, see-through storm shutters, stainless steel door, better duct tape, chimney-top vent fan

  • Toolbox: Handy Hand Tools

    Some handy hand tools

  • New Tools for 2000

    We scouted the 1999 National Hardware Show for the tools we think will make you more productive in the coming year.

  • Products

    Rotting wood repair kit, removable concrete anchor, neck strap for safety glasses, hand cleaner towels, new slide dimmer switch, tough polycarbonate glazing panels