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Other stories by Dave Frane

  • DeWalt Deep Pro (DWST14825) and Mid-Size Pro (DWST14740) Organizers

    Keep fasteners handy with these sturdy and portable containers.

  • Two New Right-Angle Cordless Drivers

    My first right-angle drill was a small corded model that other carpenters were always asking to borrow.

  • Solar Cargo Trailer

    Paul Bias, a green builder in Arcata, Calif., frequently works on sites where it’s difficult to get temporary power. Rather than use a generator — which is loud and dirty and easy to steal — he powers his tools with energy from the sun.

  • Q&A: Bending a Base Cap

    Q. I was recently asked to add a cherry base cap along the finished stringer of a custom staircase that makes a broad sweeping curve along the wall in several places. What's the best way to make this molding? Should I use a softer, more pliable wood and s

  • Q&A: Making a Dutch Door

    Q. I'm trying to find plans for cutting a solid door slab and making a Dutch door. Any help would be appreciated.